LETTER – Readington Township Property owners wake up


Readington Township Property owners wake up – this election is all about control of the Township Committee who will decide what gets done on your behalf going forward.  Property taxes, township debt, new ratables are all being used as a smoke screen.   It’s about the AIRPORT  and consequently  your property values.

As much as most of us would all like to see a negotiated settlement, past history speaks for itself.  We need a Township Committee that will appeal the recent court case.  Without it every property owner regardless of where you live in Readington Township will feel the impact to their bottom line as their property values plummet with the expansion of the airport.

There is no amount of “tax reduction, debt burden argument, and new ratables“  that anyone can create with their “plans and vison for the township” that will offset the devaluation of your property.

We need a strong Township Committee that represents the property owners not the special interest groups with short term gains to benefit their bottom line.

When you vote on June 2nd – decide who will support your best interest.

Vote the Republican Line-  Liz Duffy and Ben Smith for Township Committee.

Pat Fisher-Olsen