To the editor:


The last Monday in May is Memorial Day and to many it marks the beginning of summer.  It features parades, BBQs and other activities that cause many to forget the purpose of the day.  Memorial Day, originally Decoration Day, began during the Civil War with the decoration of the graves of Union and Confederate soldiers who died in the conflict.  In the subsequent 150+ years, the day has been expanded to include all of our wars and conflicts.


Let us not forget that Memorial Day is the day where we all pause and remember the brave men and women who put on the uniform of our armed forces, who put themselves in harms way so that we could sleep safely in our homes at night, and who died in the service of our nation.  The names of residents who paid this price during World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam are listed on the memorial in front of the municipal building.  On Monday, May 25th, please take a minute out of your day to remember all of the fallen soldiers who paid a price that we can never, fully repay.


Ben Smith

Readington Township