LETTER – resolution commemorating Fort Dix signed by Governor

Gov. Christie signed Assemblyman Ron Dancer’s resolution Monday recognizing the 100th anniversary of Fort Dix (SJR84/AJR125).

“Fort Dix is an enormous economic engine, pumping more than $7 billion into the state economy,” said Dancer (R-Ocean). “The mega-base created with the merger of Fort Dix, McGuire Air Base and the Lakehurst Naval Air Base, is a crucial cog in our national defense. We must remain committed to supporting its missions, and protecting it from threats from Washington bureaucrats.”

Fort Dix was established as Camp Dix in 1917. It was used to train and stage soldiers during World War I. Its name was changed to Fort Dix prior to World War II, and it became a basic training center for the “war to end all wars.” Later, Fort Dix played a vital role in major campaigns including Vietnam, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The base is the second largest employer in New Jersey, with more than 42,000 service members, civilian employees and family members working and residing on the base. Only the state government employs more people.