Letter Rible bill to prohibit release of police addresses clears committee


Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Dave Rible that prohibits government agencies from releasing the home addresses of police officers was approved today by the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee.

“Police officers are prime targets for aggrieved individuals they may have encountered while performing their duties or someone who simply has a vendetta against police,” said Rible (R-Monmouth). “This bill will help protect police officers from individuals who may want to harass them or even harm them or their families.”

Under the measure (A1329), the home address of a law enforcement officer would be excluded from the definition of a “government record” and could not be released to the public. It also requires the home addresses of police officers to be redacted in other government records that are released.

Rible, a former police officer, noted that public disclosure requirements are preventing current and retired police officers from serving their communities on boards and commissions.

“I have heard from a number of police officers that want to serve their community, but choose not to because their home address will be made public,” said Rible, who serves as the Assembly Republican Conference Leader. “In the current climate, police officers are understandably concerned that their homes could be targeted by disgruntled individuals.

“This measure will help keep this information from falling into the wrong hands and adds an extra layer of protection for the men and women in the law enforcement community.”

Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick is also a prime sponsor of the legislation.