LETTER Rible Legislation Calls For Return Of Fugitives Who Have Fled The Country Renews call for extradition of convicted cop killer Joanne Chesimard

Assemblyman Dave Rible, R-Monmouth and Ocean, renewed his call for the extradition of convicted cop killer Joanne Chesimard today as the United States and Cuba reopened embassies in both countries.


“As we witness history this morning with the reopening of the Cuban embassy, we must not forget that Cuba has yet to return a convicted cop killer to the United States,” Rible said. “Returning Joanne Chesimard to the United States where she can again be held accountable for the heinous crime she committed should be a top priority in resuming diplomacy between our nations.”


Chesimard, a leader of the Black Liberation Army, was convicted in 1977 for the brutal execution of New Jersey State Trooper Werner Foerster on the Turnpike four years earlier. She escaped from prison in 1979 and fled to Cuba, where she has been hiding out for 26 years.


In addition, Rible also renewed his call for the extradition of George Wright, who killed World War II veteran Walter Patterson at a gas station in Wall Township in 1962. Wright subsequently escaped from prison and, as a member of the Black Liberation Army, hijacked an airliner and sought asylum in Algeria, and was later discovered in Portugal in 2011.


Rible expressed his support for the return of these two fugitives by recently introducing legislation, AR-244, the “Walter Patterson and Werner Foerster Justice and Extradition Act,” which was introduced in Congress by Representatives Chris Smith and Albio Sires.


“Justice has not been served for these victims and their families who have already suffered enough with the loss of their loved ones,” Rible said. “These fugitives must be brought back to our country and held accountable for their actions despite the decades that may have passed since these horrendous crimes were committed.”