Letter Russo-Rumana Bill on Good Faith Emergency Epinephrine Injections Signed into Law

 Legislation (A-304/S-801) sponsored by Assembly Republicans Dave Russo and Scott Rumana permitting a school nurse or trained designee to administer an epinephrine injection to a student in an emergency was signed into law by Gov. Christie today. Senate Republican Kevin O’Toole, who represents the same district as Russo and Rumana, is the Senate sponsor.


“Allergic reactions are not uncommon and often occur unexpectedly,” said Russo, R-Bergen, Essex, Morris and Passaic. “The amount of time it takes to respond to such an attack can save a life. Trained school administrators and staff need to act decisively and quickly in these situations.”


The prior law required a student’s parent or guardian to provide written authorization to the school to administer the injection.


“This bill will save lives because it allows qualified people to exercise common sense and utilize their training,” said Rumana, R-Passaic, Bergen, Essex and Morris. “There are unforeseen circumstances when school officials and staff need to react instantly. The days when allergic reactions to bee stings, peanut butter or milk can be taken lightly are over. They can be life-threatening reactions which need immediate attention.”