LETTER – Schepisi continues call for Planned Parenthood financials

As lobbyists and Democratic lawmakers celebrated restored state funding for Planned Parenthood in advance of a Senate vote, Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi continued calling for the organization to disclose basic financial statements.

“It’s $7 million of public money and if they are unable or incapable of providing something such as a budget,  they should not receive a dollar of public money until they’re willing to do so,” Schepisi (R-Bergen) told NJ TV Thursday.

Schepisi PP funding part 2

During the Assembly Health Committee hearing Monday, Schepisi asked for a number of the organization’s financial details, such as its annual budget, annual revenue and executive compensation, none of which Planned Parenthood’s political director Christine Sadovy could answer during the hearing.

“If it was that important, how could the head not be able to explain any of these items?” Schepisi asked during the hearing.  “If it wasn’t just a political football, if it was that important to women’s health, how do we not have these answers?”

Watch Schepisi in committee HERE:


Democrats in the state Legislature are eager to restore the $7.5 million line item Gov. Chris Christie suspended in 2011. The group spent at least $22,000 to support Murphy and other candidates and more than $120,000 on advertising, phone banks, and other campaign related support, according to reports filed with the state’s Election Law Enforcement Commission.

The off-budget, special appropriation passed the Senate 29-9 later in the day.  The bill now heads to the Assembly for approval.