LETTER – Scott Nicol for the Hunterdon Central Board of Education

To the Editor,

I am writing this letter to let people know about Scott Nicol. Scott is running for a seat on the Hunterdon Central Board of Education this election day. Scott brings to this job practical knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of the school district as his three children went all the way through to the high school, and then on to college. Having supported the kids in their various activities, Scott has been an active parent and has unique insight into how the school can be better prepared to ready the students for their future. He can relate to both the parents and the kids about what is needed and expected of the school district.

Scott works as a project manager for a construction company and would contribute his expertise to any decisions that involved capital improvement projects. Having worked on school projects throughout the state, Scott would be a voice of reason in those deliberations that directly affect the taxpayer’s dollars. While a school district like Hunterdon Central does not want to skimp on projects that directly affect the students, neither does it want to waste money. It is always helpful to have someone with good common sense anchoring a school board when it is wrestling with ideas that will cost thousands of dollars or even millions. You want someone who knows what he is doing in those situations.

Besides the qualities mentioned, Scott Nicol also authors a successful line of children’s books. Younger children loved the Dr. Jim stories that Scott wrote, and he has been invited to read his books to kids as far away as Denver, Colorado. To him, this is another way to help educate the children of the area. Scott and his wife Angela have had years of supporting Hunterdon Central schools. They have seen what it has done for their kids, and now he wants to give back to the community.

Scott Nicol is a talented and conscientious individual who is running for the Hunterdon Central Board of Education for all the right reasons. He wants to bring his talents, concern for the children of the area, and his work ethic to make the school district an even better place. He will be a meticulous board member who will respond to the other parents of the area. It is time to give a good guy a chance.


JJ McKeever