LETTER Scrooge visits Foothill Road in Readington



Looks like the Readington Township committee once again cannot find a reasonable solution for Foothill Road so they yet again decide to do what comes easy,  NOTHING.

The committee recently sent out a survey to the residents with 2 options:

1.) Leave the road as is
2.) Pave Foothill Road at its current width as a one way road

While the residents were excited at the thought that our road would finally be paved we quickly came to the realization that making this road a one way was not a compromise it was completely irrational.  For example, given how the road is positioned it would take 8 mins to get to the school bus stop which would normally take less than a minute and then multiply that by 4 times a day for some families.  Also, everyone who attends the Or Chadash Temple would need to now travel down Foothill Road rather than accessing off of Route 31.  Not to mention the effects on side roads caused by the alternating traffic patterns.   The town committed to doing an official traffic study before deciding on the one way however, it was revealed during one of the town meetings that they had never done a traffic study before and were not quite sure how to get one done, hence a study was never done and if it was it was never made known to the residents.  To be fair, and I am not sure why I should,  there was a discussion on which way the one way should go if the road was to be a one way however, an official traffic study was never completed and it is not even clear if the state would allow Foothill Road to be a one way due to the entry/exit off of state highway 31.

We were never asking for the road to be a runway to land jets, it does not need to be lined with curbs or even need to be that smooth, just free from major dust, mud, ice, and flat tires.  Yes, the one way paved road would give us all this but it would come at a major inconvenience for everyone and it was handed to us as an ultimatum after we already said it would not work 3 years ago.  In addition, we were misled by the town into believing for 3 years they were going to chip and seal the road and leave it a 2 way only to find out at 10 pm during a town meeting that they no longer wanted to chip and seal the road, they wanted it to be a one way.

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We are not irrational people, we are good hard working people who do not want flat tires at 5am in the morning when trying to get to work or we do not want to arrive late for a surprise birthday party when a rock punctures one of our tires or have one of our guests get a flat tire when visiting or even worse have an emergency vehicle get a flat when responding to a call.   We are happy to share Foothill Road with all the residents and non-residents who use it to get to the Or Chadash temple or to the park which resides on Foothill.  I would like all the readers to ask themselves if there was a pothole on your road that could cause a flat, would you want it fixed?   Some folks have lived on Foothill Road for 40 years and they are the ones who say the road has deteriorated and has become much worse over the past 10 years with the increased traffic.

It is the responsibility of the town to maintain all roads and improve them as they deteriorate or when traffic patterns change so why can’t we get Foothill Road improved ?  When the temple was constructed back around 2000 the town should have been required to do a road study and realize people would use Foothill Road to access the temple and the road should have been made to code at that time.  It is not fair to say “well you moved to a dirt road”, many of these folks were here when only a few cars travelled the road, now I would estimate the road can see up to 100 cars per day.  If it gets paved and a few more people decide to use it, so what ?  Does that mean we should do nothing and let this drag on ?

Perhaps the below article may help explain what is going on…


Thank you everyone for your support and have a happy holiday season!!!

Foothill Road Residents

Wayne Borella