LETTER – Sierra Club: Frelinghuysen, Stop Hiding from the Public!


oday we will be joining with other groups and citizens on the steps of Morristown Town Hall to demand Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen to speak to his constituents. Congressman Frelinghuysen has not hosted a town hall in over 4 years. Today we’re calling him to represent the people and protect our environment and communities. New Jersey Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel released the following statement:

“The reason that Rodney Frelinghuysen doesn’t meet with us is because with his record, how could he face his constituents?  He’s voted to rollback protections for clean water, while supporting offshore drilling along our coasts, destructive and dangerous pipelines, and fracking on public lands. His opposition against reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution has put us at more risk to climate change. He has denied funding for people suffering from natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy. He has the worst record of New Jersey’s Congressional delegation on the environment so its no wonder he doesn’t want to have a town hall, he should be ashamed of his record.


“For the past 22 years in Congress, Frelinghuysen has nothing to show other than working for the fossil fuel companies instead of the public who he is supposed to serve. He voted against the Antiquities Act, which was Roosevelt’s landmark legislation that John Muir helped write to preserve wild lands and set up national monuments. Frelinghuysen is a monument to what’s wrong in Congress. While he’s trying to dismantle and prevent open space across the US, he gives some land trust groups crumbs and then they give him greencover. He needs to meet with the people in his district but he won’t. Instead he holds a phony phone-call with handpicked supporters as a lame excuse for a town hall.

“Since Congressman Frelinghuysen has been in Congress, but he has done nothing to reinstate the Superfund Tax since it expired in the 1990s. New Jersey has more Superfund Sites than any other state in the nation but we don’t have enough money for adequate clean ups and we aren’t going after polluters. The Congressman takes credit for clean-ups during his annual tour of these sites, while simultaneously voting against the funding. He should have been working to get proper funding to really clean-up these sites that put New Jersians in danger every day.



“Instead of working to protect the state and communities he represents, Congressman Frelinghuysen continuously votes to support Big Oil and other corporate polluters. For example, he voted to life the crude oil export ban. When it comes to the environment, Frelinghuysen has one of the worst voting records in all of Congress. Considering that New Jersey suffers the most from Superfund Sites, pollution, and climate change, the Congressman has not properly defended the people and communities of New Jersey.

“We are demanding that Congressman Frelinghuysen protect the people of his district. By not hosting a town hall in the past four years, he is failing to do his job to represent the people of his district. We need to ensure Superfund Sites are cleaned-up in the 11th district, lead is removed from our drinking water, and we move forward with clean energy instead of dirty fuels. It’s time for the Congressman to step up and do his job to protect the people and communities of New Jersey!”

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