LETTER – The TSA should not be blaming travelers for their poor performance


Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick responded today to the U.S. Transportation Security Administration blaming a lack of passenger pre-check enrollment as a reason for long security lines at Newark airport.


“That is a lot like blaming the victim,” said Bramnick (R-Union). “From what I have witnessed, it is the TSA that is making a mess of things. I watched agents screaming at the traveling public, which actually is more troubling to me than the lines.”


In a May 4 letter to the TSA, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said it is exploring the idea of discontinuing service with the TSA in favor of a private security screening company.

“Given the adverse customer service and economic impacts, we can no longer tolerate the continuing inadequacy of TSA passenger screening services,” Port Authority officials wrote.


Twenty-two airports across the nation use private screening companies, including some major airports like San Francisco International Airport and Kansas City International Airport.


In April, Bramnick called upon the TSA to immediately reduce the long security lines causing many travelers to miss their flights at Newark Liberty Airport after observing passengers wait 60 minutes or longer in lines through security.


“This cannot stand,” Bramnick said at the time. “The TSA must act immediately and treat the traveling public with more respect.”