Letter to endorse Lisa Hughes for a seat on the Hunterdon Central Board of Education

Letter to the Editor:

We are writing this letter to endorse Lisa Hughes for a seat on the Hunterdon Central Board of Education.  We have known Lisa for over 10 years and have seen first-hand her dedication and leadership to our community and schools.   She’s been chair or co-chair of multiple committees over the years and brings business acumen from the private sector that is second to none.

When we heard Lisa was running for this position, there was no question in our minds that she would be the perfect choice.  Her values, high standards and organizational skills are reflected in everything she does.  It is well known in our school system that if Lisa is running an event, it will be done right.  She is a great leader who truly cares about the schools and wants to provide the best experiences for the children in these formative years.

Next year, our older son will be starting at Hunterdon Central along with Lisa’s son.  These next years are crucial in their education so we feel lucky that someone as qualified as Lisa Hughes is running for a seat on the Board of Education.  We know she will do everything she can to look out for the best interests of our children to ensure that they have a positive high school experience.

Please join us and vote for Lisa Hughes on November 7th.

Fred and Shelley Molineux