Letter to the Editor-Endorsement of Lori Blutfield for HCRHS BOE

To The Editor,


We are writing to endorse Lori Blutfield for re-election to the Readington seat on the Hunterdon Central Board of Education. We have every confidence that she is the perfect person for this position because we have seen her hard work and dedication over the past 3 years as a current member of the BOE.  She has continued to suggest ideas to the BOE and has encouraged them to make the right choices for our children.  With her heavy experience in finance (B.A. in Economics from Lafayette College, M.B.A. in Finance from NYU, previously managed billions of dollars of investments for the AT&T and J&J Pensions and Savings Plans), she also takes into consideration the taxpayers, making choices that will not only benefit our children but will also save the taxpayers money.  Lori is committed to bringing Hunterdon Central back to being a Blue Ribbon School, a title that had been lost long before Lori was on the board.


Lori has proven that she is committed to making Central great again.  She brings the community’s issues to the attention of the board and is not afraid to speak out and vote against the majority when it is in the best interests of the students and community.  When she felt it was the right decision, she has voted against such things as superintendent merit awards, human resources decisions, the calendar and the $2+ million dollar fitness center.  She was not against an upgrade to our existing fitness facilities.  She was just in favor of a more cost effective plan given the data and enrollment projections of a decline of 1000 students over the next 8 years.  What is most important is that not only does she vote against the issues she doesn’t believe are in the best interests of students and the community, but she offers viable solutions to benefit all.  Lori does her homework and doesn’t thoughtlessly throw out ideas.  Her suggestions are based on community input AND on sound analyses and facts, a skill she has attained through her background in finance. 


Another item that she is passionate about is to settle the teachers’ contract because she knows the more this goes on, the more likely we are to lose quality teachers.  Lori is also up for the challenge of finding the right superintendent for our school.  With Lori on the board, we, the parents and citizens, will have a voice.  She is a good listener, takes all points into consideration, and will direct us through this difficult and challenging process.  With her experience and in our corner, we are lucky to have her tireless fight, drive and determination to find the best leader possible to bring our school back to its award winning status.


Lori has a vested interest in Hunterdon Central. She has a child who currently attends Central and she has 2 other children who have graduated from the district.  She has seen a lot of changes over the years, many of them not positive. Her experience with her own 3 children, with 1 still attending Central, is extremely valuable in making the right decisions for students. 


Vote for an independent thinker on November 8th who is dedicated to positive change–vote for Lori Blutfield for the Readington seat on the Board of Education.


Maryann and Scott Breslow

Readington Township Residents