Britt Simon recently penned a Letter to the Editor regarding the upcoming election. The letter contains 1,143 words. There are 6 occurrences of “Mrs. Heller” or “Jonathan Heller’s wife”, 10 occurrences of “she” or “her” in reference to Mrs. Heller, and one paragraph out of nine solely regarding an interaction with Mrs. Heller.  Last time I checked, Mrs. Heller was not on the ballot for Township Committee. Perhaps I’m leaping to conclusions, but Britt Simon seems obsessed with Mrs. Heller, and endeavoring to besmirch her name.


Britt Simon also asserts many flat tires caused by Foothill Rd, including Emergency Services vehicles, and police cars. There are no public records that support this assertion obtainable from any of the Emergency Services in Readington, including police, fire, or the rescue squad that cover the Township.  The credibility of this allegation lies solely with Mr. Simon sources.

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 I encourage all Readington residents, none of whom are mindless voters (as Mr. Simon alleges), to very carefully listen to the voices from each campaign.  Make sure the candidates understand the issues facing Readington and not just talking sound bites; that they are good and kind neighbors, that do not talk trash about other Readington residents.


I judge people by what they do AND what they say. I support and give my vote to John Albanese, a volunteer Jr Baseball League coach, and Jonathan Heller, a volunteer Boy Scouts of America Scout Master.

Pat Fisher-Olsen

Readington Township