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To the Editor,

I have served as a volunteer for over thirty years in Readington Township in various leadership positions and have met many thousands of people through work.   I think I have become a good judge of character.


I have great reservations about having Britt Simon represent us on the Township Committee (TC).  I have served with him for 7 years on the Board of Adjustment (BOA).  I don’t think he has the characteristics that we want on the TC.  Let me explain why.


At the January 2014 reorganization meeting, BOA elected officers.  Mr. Simon held the vice chairperson position in 2013.  When it came to the election for vice chairperson position in January, Britt was nominated, but no one seconded that nomination.  Thus another nominee became the vice chairperson.

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Instead of accepting the voting as an adult, he lashed out at the non-supporting members.  Remember that everybody on the BOA is a non-paid volunteer.  His removal from the vice chair position brought on a tirade of vicious emails to members of the board.  All four female members were falsely accused of misbehavior.  Mr. Simon emailed them, “In truth, I think you have a misdirected moral compass.”  “Let me enlighten you . . . but don’t let the facts sway you.” “I certainly will not be able to work with you . . .”  “Briefly, I think you should take a look inward.”  There are others that I don’t want to publish.


He stated that he was blindsided by the vote.  If he had been more perceptive, he would have seen tensions building on a number of levels, well ahead of time.

His actions and emails resulted in the town having to hire a special attorney at a cost of almost $3,000 to address the divisions within the Board.  Attacked members did nothing egregious.  He should have apologized, but didn’t.  On most committees, disagreements are worked out through discussions and respect for opposing viewpoints.  However, Britt has a tendency to attack his opposition when he doesn’t get his way.

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Mr. Simon seems to have difficulty with women.  At times he can be charming, other times he can be vicious.  On the selection of a Board attorney, Britt said, “Let’s be honest, there were no qualified female candidates.  The interest in a female BOA attorney was a gender bias motivation not one for the best interest of the BOA.”  He has dismissed a breast-cancer patient as “she became ill and became a bit angry.”  Currently he is attacking the wife of another candidate.  It’s a long list.

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 I don’t like writing negative things about people, but I felt that I had to speak up.  By writing this letter, I expect that he will attack me.  That is what he does.  That is what bullies do.

We have many important decisions to make in Readington and we need a TC that functions.  Having Mr. Simon holding a seat on the Township Committee will create nothing but chaos and not move the township forward.

Meredith Goodwin

Readington Township

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