LETTER TO THE EDITOR – READINGTON ELECTION GETTING UGLY – candidates heckled at public meeting by other candidate??


Dear Editor:

As the residents of Readington know by now, Wayne Borella and I are running for Township Committee.  Also by now most have heard about how Jonathan Heller and his wife appeared a short time ago at a meeting of homeowners from Whitehouse Village and the surrounding area, uninvited and began heckling both my running mate and me (we were invited and on the agenda).  Their behavior showed a lack of character and lack of integrity which has long been a similar problem for Readington when facing the courts for solutions to Readington’s woes.  In fact the courts regularly state that “Readington is not credible”.  This has been the primary cause for all of Readington’s losses in court when engaged in litigation.

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What the residents of Readington don’t know yet is that at that very same meeting, Jonathan Heller’s wife approached me and in a guttural tone attempted to taunt me stating that “you are a disgusting lawyer” and then “you defend murderers”.  I was surprised and confused by this attack.  I was unaware what it was that she was referring to.  I should have just ignored and walked away from her but being that I was caught off guard I asked what she was referring to.   She then said to me, “you are defending that kid that was in the car accident and killed two people”.  Then it all made sense.  What made sense you might ask?   What made sense is that as an attorney, I protect people’s constitutional rights.  I look for facts that an overzealous government entity may disregard which when brought to light may offer a different view then the knee jerk, hang them from the highest tree attitude, which Mrs. Heller would rather see and obviously endorses. I could instantly see that the saying that “ignorance is blind”, truly applied to her.


Under normal circumstances I would have ignored it and never made mention of Mrs. Heller’s rather bad and tasteless behavior.  However, she exemplifies the very behavior that has gotten Readington into so much trouble. The belief that there should be no checks and balances in and to government and that the people should roll over to a government entities wishes is why the Township has engaged in and lost so many lawsuits. All of the residents should be alarmed by Heller’s obvious disconnect of basic human rights.  Her rush to judgement and lack of respect for the United States Constitution is shocking.


As follow up to her attack on the rights of others, Mrs. Heller proceeded to say to me “you don’t like women” in total Hillary Clinton fashion. This tired and wasted accusation only depicted how dishonest the Albanese and Heller campaign is and will be.   Both she and her husband took up positions at opposite sides of the room at this meeting, and tried to heckle and intimidate me with their abusive banter. Much like our Township Committee abuses residents that come to them for help. If Albanese and Heller were to be elected, residents can expect more of the same from the Township Committee. For the record, I have a daughter that I expect great things from. I expect her to be successful in life from her hard work and talent.  I do not expect her to be successful merely because of her gender. I love both of my children and want them to go out in the world and make something of value out of themselves.  In contrast, Heller appears perfectly positioned to support special interests and entitlements.


Readington can no longer afford to allow people that do not believe in fundamental rights to pilot the township’s affairs. It is of critical importance that our elected officials have integrity, credibility and honor.  It is paramount that we respect the constitutional rights of our fellow community members.  It is an absolute necessity that we protect the community which we all live in.  While many may claim that Readington is doing fine, it is not.  We have lost all of our litigation, incurred tens of millions of dollars in legal fees, have over 50 million dollars in debt, and have halfway houses and low income apartments infiltrating our community in the worst possible locations.  We have a crumbling infrastructure which includes roads and bridges which are so dangerous that school buses cannot travel due to risk of harm to children. All the while we continue to lie to our residents telling them that everything is fine.  This has to stop.

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Some may find it interesting that Wayne actually was unaware of the going on in the Township until he went to numerous Township meetings to bring to the Committees attention the fact that his own road (Foothill Rd) was causing many flat tires.  These flat tires were occurring to the residents as well as to our Emergency Services vehicles including police cars.  Instead of having his concerns addressed, the Township Committee yelled at him, ridiculed him and tried to embarrass him.  It was only then did Wayne realize that something was wrong in the way Readington was being run.  Soon thereafter he learned about other residents dilemmas when dealing with our Township Committee.  For Wayne it was obvious then that he needed to stand up and be counted.   And for that reason he joined me in seeking election to the Township Committee.


Wayne and I want to protect Readington’s rural character but we want to do it with honesty to our community and with integrity.  It is apparent that the current leadership does not subscribe to these two principals and it has been highlighted by the many courts that have ruled against the Township.  Readington’s only option to protect itself is to vote against more of the same.  Albanese and Heller are definitely more of the same.


Our prediction is that Albanese and Heller cannot focus on what our Township needs nor improving its effectiveness but instead try to attack Wayne and I for our fundamental beliefs in protecting people’s constitutional rights and standing up and being heard when something is wrong.  We are confident that the Albanese /Heller campaign does not possess the moral fiber to do what is right. For this reason we are seeking the support and the votes from the Readington Residents for our campaign.


Sadly there are many residents in the Township that do as they are told and as they always have.  These people will mindlessly vote for more of the same.  These Readington elections come down to being decided by just a few votes.  Those of us who work hard, have so very little free time, and are truly educated as to the real issues plaguing Readington, we need to have our voices heard.  Please, get out and vote on June 6.

Respectfully and gratefully submitted,

Britt J. Simon

Candidate for Readington Township Committee

Whitehouse Station