The June 2nd election will be a critical one for Readington Township.  It will determine the direction we will take for the next several years.  It will be a deciding vote for how our public funds are spent, whether on endless litigation or addressing the real needs of the town, such as road improvements and public safety.


Larry Lelah and Deb Lyons are the best candidates to govern us at this critical time.  Both have the experience, integrity, ingenuity and leadership skills needed to resolve the tough issues.  They are the only candidates coming up with new ideas to address the fiscal strain that we face.


They say that imitation is the best form of flattery.  It is rather interesting, how their opponents have been on the Planning Board for several years but only now have decided that revitalizing and repurposing derelict properties are a good idea, in imitation of Lelah and Lyons proposal.  The only thing we have heard out of Duffy is that a business owner can make improvements, as long as it looks exactly the same as before they started.


Duffy, who was appointed by Allen, Fort, and Auriemma has been in a position to increase transparency, but has done nothing.  Instead, Duffy and Smith pay lip service to voters, hoping to get elected.


Lelah and Lyons are not part of the entrenched crew that created the failed litigation policies and out of control spending of the past.  They are in sharp contrast to their opponents, who were hand picked by the Allen group as successors and remain loyal to Allen as evidenced by the public refusal to remove Allen from all boards despite the very harsh words that several judges have used to describe her.


If ever there was a time for a change in our municipal government, it would now.  A vote for Lelah and Lyons is a vote for the new beginning that we desperately need in our town.


Paula Baldwin

Readington Township