To the editor,


The 2015 primary and general elections for Readington Township Committee are over.  Congratulations to Liz Duffy and Ben Smith on their resounding victory.


Lessons learned from the last cycle:


  1. Mr. Broten, Mr. Tropello, Ms. Lyons, Mr. Lelah, Mr. Scammell and their supporters worked very hard to make the primary and the election all about Julia Allen.  That red herring didn’t work.  Lesson Learned:  Remember the definition of insanity.  It’s time to give it up and focus on a real problem. 
  2. Mr. Broten, Mr. Tropello, Ms. Lyons, Mr. Lelah, Mr. Scammell and their supporters used their individual and collective obsessions with Mrs. Allen to try and divert attention from the real issue concerning Readington residents, which is the expansion of Solberg Airport.  Lesson Learned:  Both the primary and the election results confirmed the results of the 2006 referendum on the airport, and the Tuesday’s outcome sends a crystal clear message to the new Township Committee regarding the community’s priorities. It’s time to honor the wishes of the majority of people who voted and get on with the people’s business.
  3. Both “sides” of the recent elections see development as an issue.  With the sale of the Merck property it’s less about whether we get another bank on Route 22 or 50 houses added to the existing stock, and more about the zoning and future development of Merck’s approximately 1000 acres.  Lesson learned:  Stop fighting about incremental building, and start focusing your collective effort on sustainable zoning, in particular the future of the Merck property and its impact on the quality of life and taxpayers in Readington.


So, with my thanks to Tom Auriemma for his years of service to the community and my best wishes to this newly constituted Committee, I look forward to a new spirit of mutual respect and adult behavior that explicitly excludes dwelling on old grudges, a renewed emphasis on reasonable and sustainable development our town, and a laser focus on the expressed desires of this community.


Karen McCullough

Whitehouse Station

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