An April 27, 2015 Letter to the Editor, which appeared on NJ.com, by Liz Duffy, Readington Township Committee member and candidate in the June 2 primary made statements about me that are false and constitute highly inappropriate conduct for a person in her position.

She has intentionally mischaracterized my statements in an effort to mislead residents, as in no way, shape or form did I advocate building 3,000 housing units in Readington.

I can tell you that this is untrue, but I cannot further defend myself as the relevant discussions took place in our Township Committee executive session as she knows full well, and if I did so I would be accused of breaching confidentiality.  I am appalled that Liz Duffy would breach the confidentiality of executive session for the sole purpose of fueling her own campaign. I am further shocked that Liz Duffy would violate executive session confidentiality to publicly reveal Readington’s COAH litigation strategy for the purpose of bolstering her own campaign.  The propriety of executive session is agreed upon by the Township Committee as a whole, but Liz Duffy seems to think that she is free to unilaterally breach it when it suits her purpose.  If anyone, she, as an attorney, should know better.

Whether Liz Duffy likes it or not, I was elected by popular vote.  She was not.  Nevertheless we both currently form part of the Township Committee and must work together sharing ideas, options and opinions in an effort to assess what is best for our township.  Liz Duffy seems more interested in stifling all but her view.

I am not running in this election, so her very public attack on me in this context does nothing more than demonstrate her inability to act in a professional manner as a Township Committee member, her inability to respect the Township Commmittee’s decisions on confidentiality, and her inability to work in a collaborative manner to further the interests of this community.

Sam Tropello

Readington Township Committee member