Lights of Love Shine at Hunterdon Medical Center

For 30 years, the Lights of Love program has been a time-honored tradition at Hunterdon Medical Center.  On Wednesday evening, the Lights of Love tree was lit. Since its inception, the Lights of Love program has raised over $650,000 which allows Hunterdon Healthcare to continue to provide excellent healthcare for our community and the surrounding areas.

Each year, the “Lights of Love” evergreen tree, located on the front lawn of the Hunterdon Medical Center campus is illuminated with lights representing gifts received from donors all over the country to honor or memorialize their loved ones.

“This holiday season, when we look at this tree with more than a thousand twinkling white lights, take a moment to reflect on the lives lost, the loved ones remembered and those we are honoring through this tree that is adorned with love,” stated Robert P. Wise, President and CEO, Hunterdon Healthcare.