Male Income in Hunterdon County Was $32,903 More than Female Income in 2016

Recent data shows that the male median income in Hunterdon County was $32,903 more than the female median income.  In 2016, women in Hunterdon County earned $35,708 while men earned $68,611.  This leads to a difference in pay where females earned 52 percent of male’s yearly earnings in the county.    

The study was conducted by, a knowledge based sharing website.  In regards to this study, the data comes from the U.S. Census Bureau and represents the median income for individual males and females in the U.S aged 15 and up.

Figures show that Hunterdon County had a higher gender pay gap than state and national values.  New Jersey experienced a difference in pay of $16,830 between males and females while the nation had a $12,397 difference.  This contrast in pay means that Hunterdon County had the third  highest pay gap between men and women in the nation last year.

The information is best represented in the following graph from image 1

The numbers illustrate how men generally make more money the women from county to national values.  Furthermore, Hunterdon County’s income gap outperformed New Jersey by $16,073 and the national gap by $20,506.  Such are large difference is partly due to the fact that Hunterdon County residents also earned a higher income last year when compared to state and national figures.

            “The data shows that women in Hunterdon County have experienced a significant difference in pay than men.  Such a gap between the two genders represents how the national trend of gender pay is magnified here on the county level” said data analyst for Pansop, Kevin Pryor.

            The statistics for Hunterdon County represents the trend happening across the United States where females are experiencing a lower pay rate than males. Further research shows that females in the county increased their income by 16.7 percent between 2009 and 2015 while the male median income increased by 3.1 percent.

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