MAN “SNORTING DUST OFF” stopped in the fast lane of rt 202 for no apparent reason

@ approximately 11:48 AM –¬†Police arrested Paul Henry Rivera, age 26 of Garrison, NY and charged him with driving under the influence of a chemical inhalant following a traffic stop on Rt. 202. Police received numerous reports of a possible intoxicated driver along with a vehicle description. Police located the described vehicle stopped in the fast lane of Rt. 202 where there were no traffic control devices present. There was also no traffic stopped in front of the vehicle which would have prompted the driver to stop. Investigation revealed that the Rivera appeared to be under the influence of an intoxicant and was believed to be “huffing” a can of Dust-Off. He was issued additional summonses for reckless driving and failure to maintain lane control. Rivera was also charged criminally with inhaling fumes of toxic chemicals. The vehicle was towed and Rivera was released to a friend after processing. Investigation and arrest by P.O. Ben Donaruma.