Memorial Grant Recipients Announced at Readington School

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2015 Mark Cleere Memorial Grant!
Christian D’Agostino will be fulfilling his longtime dream of attending Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.
Ryan Handel is thrilled to be able to expand his culinary arts at a Savory Delights cooking class.
Jordan Altom will improve her basketball skills at Hunterdon Hoops this summer.
Ryan Schultz will take his scootering to the extreme by visiting Camp Woodward.
In addition to teaching in Readington for ten years, Mr. Cleere was a Renaissance man who enjoyed music, art, cooking, pets, athletics, and technology.  District students were invited to write a short essay about a program of interest they hoped to attend at a camp, college or other setting during the summer of 2015 or during the 2015-16 school year and what they hoped to learn from the experience.  We were so impressed and excited by the number of enthusiastic students who submitted grant applications.  We know that Mr. Cleere would love to see every student be able to take part in these amazing opportunities, and we urge students to apply next year.
Thank you for helping to keep the memory of Mr. Cleere alive.