Menendez Focuses on Prices at the Pump, NJ Jobs at Crude Oil Export Ban Hearing

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) today discussed keeping gas prices down for Americans and retaining good-paying New Jersey jobs at a Senate Banking Committee hearing titled “Lifting the Crude Oil Export Ban.”

Menendez began his question-and-answer section at the hearing by citing a recent report saying fuel prices will rise if the crude oil export ban is lifted and said, “While some have argued the contrary, that ending the ban is going to decrease prices for consumers, I must say in my 23 years in Congress this will be the first time that the oil industry will be lobbying for something that will ostensibly lower their prices and their profits.”

Menendez Discusses Prices at the Pump, Big Oil Profits

Two refineries have closed in New Jersey in the past five years and hundreds of good-paying jobs were lost. Menendez asked a question at the hearing about American benefits that could be reaped by retaining the crude oil export ban.

Menendez Asks About Refinery Jobs in N.J., U.S.

Below is a full video of Menendez’ Q&A at the hearing.

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