As we begin this review of Morgan Hill Golf Course there are two people we want to single out and say thank you to, The Director of golf Patrick Mallory who set us up for a wonderful day at the exact time we wanted to get out and did it at the last minute seamlessly, and to Sarah Beth Carrasco, who after the round when we were wilting in the 90 degree heat took such good care of us, got us rehydrated and showed us a wonderful time, so to you both BRAVO…

Great features about Morgan Hill – #1  this course is so convenient to get to its just great.  From anywhere in Somerset Morris or Hunterdon you jump on 78 do your 70 – 75 miles an hour hit the pennsy border in 20 minutes and the course is literally one minute off the highway. Same goes for the ride home, you put the clubs in the car and you are on the highway home just like that, it’s great.


#2 The facility has undergone an exterior face lift. The back veranda which looks down over the back of the course is just wonderful. One can only imagine how great the views will be once the leaves start to turn, wow.

#3 The staff was great. Everyone on the property starting with the bag boys to the starters to the people in the pro shop were polite and professional. After the round as mentioned about Sara Beth Carrasco was right on point. She was engaging and sweet and we really enjoyed the time spent.

#4 We were told it was going to take us 4 and a half hours to play the round and it took exactly that on a busy weekend Sunday.

#5 The course was very challenging. For those of you who are looking for a flat short simple golf course to play this is not for you. If you play here expect the rounds to be full of side hill, downhill, uphill shots. You have to be creative and take the  terrain into consideration on every shot.



#6 Views, views, views and more views. Wow there are some very pretty vistas. Whether you are looking out over the horizon at the Water Gap, Wind Gap and the other gaps to the North West or looking south for that great view of the curving Delaware River, it is just beautiful.


Every review we do we take handicap players of all levels and make sure that we have at least one female to give her opinion on how the course plays to set apart all of the opinions. Every course seems to have its unique quality that stands out and that was true of Morgan Hill, for the female golfer this is an extremely playable course.  There are many places where the guy’s tees are playing for example 425 and the ladies tees are out there at 410. Many of the gals get a little frustrated with this and it makes for a long day. At Morgan Hill the ladies tees were all placed perfectly making every par three four and five easily reachable and it made it quite fun.  Kept taking a peek over at Heleen as she was making her shots and she smiled all day, which quite frankly is the bottom line, make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

So whether you are taking your spouse or girlfriend, or you are a group of girls that are looking for a spot for your foursome where you can meet friends coming from different directions or you have a  league that is looking for a home give Pat a call   Phone: (610) 923-8480 ext. 21  or shoot him an email  and this could be the perfect spot.   And remember when you’re done playing go see Sarah Beth and have one of her wonderful martini’s and enjoy the view. Splendid.

For a course tour here are 81 pictures to give you an idea of how the course sets up – Enjoy