Clinton First Aid and Rescue Squad will soon add a new heavy rescue truck to its vehicle fleet. Heavy Rescue 455 not only replaces two trucks – one 14 years old, one 18 years old – it has modern technology and capabilities that its predecessors did not.

Heavy Rescue 455 has multiple access points for hydraulic rescue tools, commonly called the Jaws of Life. These tools are faster, stronger, and about 10 pounds lighter than our earlier models, which helps combat rescuer fatigue. The new tools are also better able to cut the newer materials from which cars are now built.

The new heavy rescue vehicle has a compressed air foam system for vehicle fires, giving CFARS a new capability of suppressing fires at motor vehicle accidents if the fire department has not arrived. It can also fill the air bottles that firefighters wear.

Newer engine technology makes the new truck more environmentally friendly than the old ones.

LED flood lighting around the vehicle and two, 25 foot light towers that extend from the roof help light night scenes for the safety of both patients and our EMTs.

The decision to purchase the heavy rescue truck was guided by the Vehicle Replacement Plan guidelines that are part of Clinton First Aid & Rescue’s Management Plan. The guidelines are in place to assure that the vehicles we use to respond to emergencies are always in good condition.

While the Pierce Company builds the truck, Clinton has been using a “loaner” heavy rescue lent to CFARS by Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus in Alabama. CFARS will return it after the new unit is in service.

Heavy Rescue 455 weighs 64,000 pounds and is 43 feet long. The truck cost $937,000, but with discounts from Pierce and sale of our old Heavy Rescue, it cost the Squad $637,000, paid for by community donations that have been saved over many years to fund vehicle replacement. Thanks to all who have supported us!

Vehicle delivery is expected in February 2018.

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