NOW TRENDING IN CL TWP WATER WARS these gals were a little off the mark

Suspicious Activity
On Tuesday, May 5, at approximately 10:15 pm, Patrolman David Formalarie responded to an Apollo Place residence for a report of three (3) unknown female intruders on the property refusing to leave. Upon arrival, the resident advised that the intruders had left. He then provided a description of their vehicle and a direction of travel. Ptl. Formalarie soon located the suspect vehicle parked on the side of Studer Road. The four (4) teenaged females in the vehicle immediately apologized for the incident and advised that they went to the wrong residence in an attempt to “water war” a friend (“water wars” is an event that high school students in the area have been participating in wherein they surprise other students with a water gun attack). Ptl. Formalarie observed several multi-colored water guns in the vehicle. The girls were given a warning for the incident and released without charges.