The New York Jets got a win Sunday afternoon at Jetlife Stadium despite letting the Jags hang around a little longer than most expected providing a few dicey moments at the end.

A win is a win in the NFL and at 5-3 the Jets are sitting in a nice spot as far as the wildcard playoff spots are concerned. The Wicked Witch of the North, Tom Brady, continued his fine play and the division title is moving farther and farther out of reach with every passing week,  but plenty of teams have made deep runs in the playoffs in the wild card spot, so right now for the JETS its get in and let’s see what happens.

The most important part of the game yesterday was the presence of Ryan Fitzpatrick. Jets fans shuddered in Oakland when Fitz went to the sidelines and the quiet buzz all week was that most would rather see rookie Petty than sit through another Geno Smith Debacle. So Fitz came out, everyone had a sigh of relief, and he tossed a lot of nice balls.

The Jags were out to stop the Jets running game and Ivory had a rough day with only 28 yards on 3 carries but he continued to put his head down and pound and did score two touchdowns for all the fantasy fans.

The defense came up with 6 sacks and a lot of turnovers but when push came to shove the secondary looked horrid. Both Revis and Cromartie are looking just a tad slower than their younger days and in a crucial moment of the fourth quarter the jags got a touchdown in under a minute.  This is the third straight game that the defense, that was supposed to be the flexing muscle of the team, has looked less than average.

And now, in Come the Ex Rex Ryan and his buffalo bills on a Thursday night prime time battle. Jet fans know that when the schedule came out Rex took out the red pen and circled the calendar for the two battles against gang green. SO far his team has played up and down but do come off a thrashing of the fish from Miami. Tomorrow we will give you the game day preview.