JETS CREAMED AGAIN ITS TIME TO SEE WHAT BRYCE PETTY CAN DO and perhaps Bowles should get his resume printed

ON MAY 5  we printed this article    and it seems that Ryan Fitz is trying as hard as he can to make the prediction come true. Flat out Fitz stinks which is why Gm Big Mac didn’t want to give him a long term deal and thank goodness he didn’t.   Before the season started we printed   with the statement  Was Fitz a fluke? The bearded boy wonder had a career year in 2015, was it a preview of a maturing qb who figured it out or was it a one year wonder. If Fitz doesn’t get close to last years performance gang green will be out of it by November one.

It looks like he was a fluke, so rather than waste the rest of the year floundering it’s time to get Bryce Petty into the game and see if he’es for real. If he is great move forward, if not cut him, cut Geno and find a franchise qb who can take the real for 12 years. Jets fans are painfully aware that for the last 30 years we have had Marino Kelly and Brady in the division, its time for Gang Green to get a main man.

On the coaching front Bowles mellow demeanor is wearing thin. Some guys are meant to be coordinators and not the top dawg and it seems like this true for Bowles. Sure he looked ok last year with the cupcake schedule, he still couldn’t inspire the team to beat Buffalo on the last game of the year to make the playoffs, but against real competition he is getting badly out coached and it might be time for the Jets to reach out to Frank Reich after the season who is doing an incredible job in Philly and get this ship pointed in the right direction.