Jets once again embarrass fan base with squeaker win over hapless browns – If Gm Big Mac had vision he would dump Revis and Marshall before trade deadline.

Lets face it the NY Jets are a pathetic football team. Todd Bowles has managed to destroy the good team Rex Ryan had forged. Ryan may not have had success in his last two years but if he had had Ryan Fitz last year the Jets would have been a playoff team. Bowles inability to lead is becoming more and more evident every week. Yesterday the Jets came out flat against the Cleveland Browns, the worst team in the league that doesn’t have a win.

The Jets are three and five and they haven’t played New England yet and in case no one has noticed deflated gate Brady is on the warpath.  The Jets still have some winnable games on the schedule, you figure a split with the fish and wins over the colts niners and rams and the Jets will be an 8 and 8 team and have another mediocre draft pick and no hope for getting a franchise man at the qb position.

This is an aging team. Let’s face it Mangold should be let go this year, one of the great warriors in Jets history is coming to the end of the line and can’t stay on the field. He is a huge expense against the cap and it’s time to cut bait.

Down rt 95 in Philadelphia the Eagles are a team that need a wr and a corner. Why not deal Marshall and Revis down there for a number one and a number three pick next year. Like it or not Marshall is dropping a ton of balls and it’s only a matter of time before he becomes unglued with the losing.  Revis has lost a step but he might be the glue in Philly to get them into a serious playoff push.

And enough with Fitz – the guys a warrior he goes head first but he is proving as many suspected that last year was an aberration and he is not become in his regular run of the mill qb play with tons of turnovers. Puyt Petty in see what he’s got, if its nothing then cut all the top three qb’s at the top of the depth chart and start over. The goal of this organization needs to be winning a Super Bowl, not trying to be 500 and to get there the Gm is going to have to do some drastic maneuvering and have some guts.

Let’s hope he does.