JETS Lose to go to 3 – 7 Bryce Petty does show some promise

Bryce Petty got the start yesterday for the NY Jets and although they lost and only got 6 points on the board, extra point was missed, Bryce Petty did show some flashes of potential even though the offensive coordinator called a very conservative game.

Petty showed that he can get the ball deep and can throw a sharp out pattern to the sideline with more than adequate arm strength. After the game Coach Bowles was non committal about who would start the next game, the jets have a bye next week, but if they have any common sense at all they will let Petty start for the remainder of the season so they can make an adequate judgment on whether he shows progress and potential to be the qb of the future.

If he doesn’t pan out the Jets can cut Fitz, Geno and Petty and go looking in the draft, where they should have a top five pick, for a qb of the future.


One thing should be noted, the D played a great game and deserved a better result.