Let’s face it, the Jets season was over in week six when they dropped to one and five and the best thing fans could hope for it that they get young players some experience and keep a high draft position. Yesterday the Jets did both.

The game was very entertaining, the fans were into it until Fitz turned the ball over for the ten millionth time this season, no serious injuries occurred and the Jets kept their draft spot. The Jets would currently pick 5th, yes there are four teams doing worse if you can believe that, and they hold a slim lead over the Bengals who have a tie to fall into the 6xth spot, any  more winning and the jets could plummet further in the draft so tanking the remainder is paramount.

Is Todd Bowles digging his own grave? There is a sentiment amongst Jets fans that the team should be playing Bryce Petty to see if the kid has any game and if not they should cut him loose after the season. Bowles, who thinks his job might be in jeopardy has been stubborn and insistent in playing Fitz the turnover machine who clearly cannot take the jets to the Super Bowl and should be jettisoned. If you were Bowles would you rather have a 3 and 13 record playing Fitz or would you like the built in excuse that hey we let the kid play and he was no good.

Petty should be playing. If any of you watched Goffs first game for the Rams he was terrible. If you watched yesterdays Ram game you see that he rebounded nicely throwing a bunch of laser TD’s/.Perhaps Petty needs a game or two under his belt to get his game in gear. The worst thing for the Jets would be to not play Petty and then find out when he goes to Buffalo or Miami that he’s a stud. If would be typical Jets, give the kids a chance.

Next game is a Monday nighter v the Colts. Hard to believe they weren’t flexed out of that one.