On Friday the Hunterdon County News posted the following story http://thehunterdoncountynews.com/nyj-5/  regarding the important aspects to the Jets having a successful season. Everything went bad.


Revis got toasted for 12 catches- looked old and is not a lock down number one anymore exposing a huge 18 million dollar a year hole.




Dec 29, 2013; Miami Gardens, FL, USA; New York Jets kicker Nick Folk (2) reacts after missing a field goal against the Miami Dolphins during their game at Sun Life Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports


Special Teams lost the game, specifically the chocking Folk who somehow missed a 20 yard chippie and an extra point which as we all know was the difference in the ball game.




Leo and Moe – the d line recorded 7 sacks which was great but on the last drive in crunch time these guys might as well have been having a beer at the bar. There was no pressure and Dalton took the ball right down the field and got the winning score – same old Jets leaky D in the crucial moment.



Fitz, can’t get the ball in the end zone from the two yard line twice – obviously they cant win doing that.

Bright Spot – Forte looks like the old MVP candidate. He was spectacular – ? why didn’t Chan get him the ball four times at the goal line.

Marshall – hey is he wants to talk the big game in the off season about challenging guys for cars it might be nice if he can make a simple catch at the 50 to set up the winning score instead of choking and dropping it. That catch could have changed the entire season.

Coach Bowles – hard to tell if he’s a good game manager or not, this is a game that slipped through their fingers, but its hard to blame the coach or most of the team members when a kicker has a lousy day.