The players tried to poo poo the notion that Thursday nights game against the Bills is a must win but if they were realists that simply is the case.

Let’s face it gang green blew the game Sunday against Cincy in typical same old Jets fashion, they choked. The kicker was lousy, they couldn’t score touchdowns in the red zone and when push came to shove at the end of the game the D folded. It sounds harsh but Jet fans have seen this movie more than once and now the entire season is on the line in Buffalo against Rex who spanked them twice last year knocking them out of the playoffs.

As Jets fans know Buffalo is the only team out of the first six they face not to make the playoffs last year. A loss to the Buffs and the Jets would be lucky to be 2 and 4 after six and in a division where the Pats normally get 12 or 13 wins the season is over, and they wouldn’t have even played NE yet. On a team that is getting old in the key positions, QB, Center, Middle LB and The island of Revis the Jets are a now team. A loss to the Bills and the rebuild should start immediately.

And the question still looms – Why did the jets waste a 2nd round pick on Hack when they didn’t need him????

The other thing opening day showed was that the Dee Milliner pick put the Jets back half a decade. Had he turned out to be a starting corner the Jets could have slid Revis over to safety and extended his career. With Milliners flop they Jets have no one to fill that position and it is a glaring weakness.

Since 2007 66 teams have started 0 – 2 and only five made the playoffs – the 2008 chargers – the 2007 Giants – the 2008 Vikings the 2013 panthers and 2014 colts. That’s it.  Is Thursday Night a must win, you bet your backside it is.