The score said 37 – 31 but the game wasn’t really that close with the Jets dominating the action on both sides of the ball. Buffalo did make a few long pass  plays, Revis Island getting toasted for the second week in a row, and they got a fumble return for a TD and a kill the clock prevent D TD at the end, but that was about it.


Jets ran 71 plays to Buffs 51

Jets had 100 yards more offense.

Time of Possession – and this is where the domination shows through – The Jets held the ball for 39:12 compared to Buffs 20:48 That is extraordinary and you don’t lose many games with those numbers.


Fitz – looked great

Forte got 100 yards on the ground

Wide outs –  Enenwa showed great advancement from last year with 6 catches for 92 yards. If he can emerge as a solid three look out this offense could score 30 a game. Decker was fabulous with 126 yards and a TD. B Marsh took a wicked face mask near the goal line that ripped his knee around, which made all Jet Fans hush, it looked bad, but he bounced back and got over 100 yards as well. This unit look great and Jalin Marshall showed that he can grab some balls as well. If the jets spread out 4 wide good luck covering them.

O – line – Great job, got 100 yard rusher and Fitz had time to go down field. This group looks like they are in mid season meshed form.

Folk didn’t choke.  Enough said – he’s already cost gang green one game let’s hope it’s the only one.

The punter is doing a fine job. He averaged 41 yards and gets nice hang time.


On the D SIDE

Richardson returned and made a great play on a short fourth down play which basically buried the Bills. Mo and Leo were creating havoc like usual. This is a strength of the team.

Linebackers were solid,  Jenkins still has not been on the field but the Number One Pick Darron Lee co led the team in tackles with his inside mate David Harris. When Jenkins returns this is going to be a superior unit.


DB’s –  Love the man, his personality and leadership but the Island has lost a step. He got beat bad and is no longer a number one shut down and when they play the Steelers they better keep him far away from A Brown or give him safety help every play or it could get ugly.  Marcus Williams grabbed another pick, his second of the year and had 4 tackles.  The Bills did get over three hundred yards in the air so someone was blowing coverages out there.

Looking ahead – Gang Green has ten days off before they travel to KC. One of the nice things about a Thursday game, if you win, you have plenty of time to heal those bumps and bruises and you get extra game plan days.

Future Pick – Jets go into KC, who is coming off a tough game against the Texans, and blow out the chiefs – Jets 31 KC 17