On March 4th, 2017, Hunterdon’s Gymnastics Unlimited hosted the Ninja Games – Results


The Ninja Games

On March 4th, 2017, Gymnastics Unlimited hosted the Ninja Games, a competition for students enrolled in the Ninja Zone program. Ninja Zone takes the coordination of gymnastics, the discipline of martial arts, the strength and agility of obstacle course training, and the creativity of breakdance and combines it in a fun, fast-paced, and energetic program created and overseen by Ninja Sports International.

The Ninja Games are a chance for Ninjas across multiple levels (white, yellow, and green) to compete against their peers and earn medals. These students had to go through special training classes in the past few months to prepare for this event.

Below are the results:


White Band Level

  1. Zahra D. (combined score of 37.1)
  2. Matthew G. (combined score of 36.6)
  3. Ethan D. (combined score of 36.5)
  4. Julian N. (combined score of 36.3)
  5. Alexander K. (combined score of 34.5)
  6. John R. (combined score of 34.1)
  7. Rowan O. (combined score of 34.1)


Yellow Band Level

  1. Eric W. (combined score of 39.3)
  2. Alex M. (combined score of 37.8)
  3. Miles T (combined score of 37.3)
  4. Grace B. (combined score of 35.6)


Green Band Level

  1. Ryan P. (combined score of 38.9)
  2. Carson C. (combined score of 36.6)

Ninja Games

So what are the Ninja Games?

The Ninja Games were created to allow ninjas to compete several times a year, while maintaining a Balanced Life of Fun, Family, and Sport. At the Ninja Games each Ninja will compete by participating in a CHASE scene and CONFLICT scene. The CHASE scene will involve an obstacle course for each level of Ninja, while the CONFLICT scene will involve different combinations of Ninja moves called Takes. A TAKE is a name for the set of combinations of Turns, Rolls, Kicks, Flips or Jumps. Depending on the competitive level, the TAKES will be Compulsory or Freestyle. Compulsory Combos will be predetermined by Ninja Sports International. Each Ninja will receive a combined score from both scenes based upon Form, Completion Time, and Accuracy.  Medals are awarded to the competitors with the highest combined scores.