Poet Luray Gross Returns to Readington

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Poet-in-Residence Luray Gross returned to Holland Brook School in December to present poetry workshops to the school’s fourth grade classes.   The program was funded by the school district’s Home School Association.
In a series of four sessions with each class, Ms. Gross taught the students about things that poets do – think, read poetry, and write poetry.   Calling “inspiration” the cousin of “respiration”, Ms. Gross led the students through a series of breathing exercises and relaxing movements at the start of each session.  She had the students hand copy poems so the words would “get into their heads, hearts and memories”  more than if the poems had just been read aloud.  Students learned about metaphorical thinking, read and discussed works from poets such as William Blake and Patricia Hubbell, and wrote original poetry while working under Gross’ tutelage.

Gross’ goals for school workshops are to demystify poetry and to provide an environment in which the students can combine their language and creativity.  In presenting school workshops, she feels that she has been “given a great gift to be able to do this”.  And the students receive the great gift of poetry from her in return.