PonderRosa Live Presents Hunterdon’s Karl Dietel Five (this Saturday)


Experience a live concert event at PonderRosa Studios.
PonderRosa Live is a monthly concert series featuring local, regional and national recording artists. Set within the studio’s Live Room, in an intimate setting with just 50 seats, each concert is recorded, filmed, and streamed through Facebook Live. With limited seating, tickets sell out quickly so we recommend you reserve early.
Come be a part of the production.
Karl Dietel Five recorded their debut album at PonderRosa Studios in 2016, and will return to the PonderRosa Saturday May 6th for a live concert performance.
“Written by Karl Dietel (The Samples), these 10 songs take the listener on a journey into the people, places and things that Karl absorbed in his touring days and as an observer of the lives that revolve around him. Played by a crack band of Jersey session and touring musicians, these songs are melodic and intriguing. Listen up, and you may find you know someone in one of these songs and sometimes, that person may be you.”

“Karl and company have made an album of summery tunes that go to some interesting places. In a world of overproduce fluff, it’s always refreshing to hear real musicians playing real music.” -Arne Wendt (Jon Bon Jovi)