Took a ride to downtown Somerville Thursday night and discovered a few things. 1 Somerville is pretty happening on warm spring nights. The streets were packed with people, every few blacks there was different music playing in the street, it was simple good fun.

2 Somerville has a lot of restaurants for your dining pleasure and in the next few months we will give you some insight on these fine eateries.


Last night was a stop at Sushi Palace,  http://www.sushipalace.net     , to check out the all you can eat sushi menu. I have to admit being skeptical going in. The idea of having all you can eat sushi brings up images of large piles of old fish laying around. This was not the case. I can’t tell you how fresh and tasty the sushi was. The menu is diverse and you can get as much as you want and stay as long as you want. It is also a bring your own so get a bottle of Cab and enjoy.

This is not a romantic hideaway, the place buzzes and you are sitting pretty tight to the next diners, but the swarming staff who is there to take care of your every need, makes the experience pleasant.  I have to say nice surprise and for $20 a person it is definitely a bargain. If you are a sushi lover and can take advantage of massive eating give it a whirl.