WOW –  Spent happy hour at the Claremont Tavern in Bernardsville Thursday evening 121 Claremont Road Bernardsville, NJ 07924   908 766-4544

And could not have been more overjoyed with the atmosphere, service and a margherita pizza that was out of this world.  24 hours later it is still hard to believe how tasty it was. A perfect mixture of mozzarella tomato, olive oil and pesto underneath melted in your mouth. It was not our intent to write a story on this evening but the first bite was so good we could not resist – as you note the picture has the first slices out of it.  On a previous visit we took half the pizza home, not this time, the platter was clean.

Also a shout out to Meredith who did such a great job as our serving person. One thing you might note, get there early as this is a popular spot with the locals and the bar area fills up quickly. Another nice thing to note is that when the weather gets warm the front of the restaurant opens up onto the street giving you nice fresh air and a Parisian bistro feel.