Red Mill Museum Village Rededicated Mother’s Garden

On Sunday, June 21st, the Red Mill Museum Village hosted the rededication of the Elena Vaida Memorial Garden (Mother’s Garden). The garden is located at the entrance of the Red Mill alongside the South Branch of the Raritan River where it is enjoyed by museum visitors and the community at large.

Elena Vaida (1901-1982) was a Hunterdon County community leader, member of the NJ State Garden Club, President of the Hunterdon Hills Garden Club, and a member of the Hunterdon Historical Museum (as the Red Mill Museum Village was known in its early days). Elena’s interest in various plant species led her to become well versed on how to successfully grow among other plants, various types of Iris, Dahlias, Roses, and Day Lilies.  She was the inspiration for many in the Clinton-High Bridge area in developing successful techniques for gardening in North Hunterdon County.

Mother’s Garden was originally dedicated in 1986 by Elena’s son M. Anthony and his wife Cynthia, and Elena’s close friend Eleanor Valentine, a former Museum Board Member and Clinton Town Councilwoman, but the garden was never finished. Over the last three years, the Vaida family reinvigorated their support of the Red Mill Museum Village and of Mother’s Garden, with an expansion and restoration meant to realize its original plan.

Support for Mother’s Garden restoration was generously provided by M. Anthony and Cynthia Vaida, Bara L. Vaida and Jonah Seiger, Lisa and Tom Boisseau and George A. Vaida. Additional support was provided by Jay Arnold Grief, Dr. Klaus H. Jander, Marjorie Gelb Jones, and Donald Valentine, in memory of Eleanor Valentine Brightenback. Garden design and landscaping was completed by Regency Landscape. Members of the County Garden Club generously volunteer their time to assist with garden maintenance throughout the summer.

(From Left) M. Anthony Vaida, Cynthia Vaida, President of the Red Mill Museum Village’s Board of Trustees Richard Miller, and Elena C. Vaida at the dedication of the Mother’s Garden on June 21st