Red Mill Museum Village to Host Gala, Honor Guardians of History

The Red Mill Museum Village in Clinton will be hosting its annual Gala benefit on March 6, at 6 p.m. at Hawk Pointe Golf Club in Washington. As part of this annual benefit, the museum honors people who have done great service to the museum or the community at large as Guardians of History. This year’s Guardians of History are Dorothea M. Connolly, Marcia Karrow, and J. Richard Pierce.

Dorothea M. Connolly was part of the Red Mill Museum Village from its early days, as she was hired in 1962 by the Red Mill Five to serve as its first Curator. During these years, Connolly oversaw the collection of artifacts and the fabrication of permanent exhibitions in the Red Mill.  Additionally, Connolly was the museum’s first director from 1964 to 1971. She worked to install more exhibits, increase visitors to the museum, and implement new educational programs. According to Eileen Morales, the current Executive Director of the Red Mill Museum Village, “Dorothea Connolly laid the groundwork for all of the important work we do here today to preserve Clinton’s history, and I’m proud to share in her legacy.”

Following her years at the Red Mill, Connolly went on to become

Director of Crafts and Museums at Liberty Village in Flemington from 1971 to 1974. Throughout the nation’s bicentennial, she hosted a series of programs called “Fireside Kitchen” on PBS, where she demonstrated historic recipes. Additionally, she served as a consultant for Cold Springs Harbor, Pennsbury Manor, Waterloo Village, and Colonial Williamsburg. She remained active in the museum world until her death in 1992.  Upon her passing, Stephanie Stevens, former Chairwoman of the Hunterdon County Cultural and Heritage Commission, noted that “She will really be missed. You just can’t replace the Dorothea Connolly’s  of this world. She was an interesting, fun person with a flair for making history come alive.”

Pictured  Dorothea Connolly, the first Director of what is now the Red Mill Museum Village, will be honored as a Guardian of History at the museum’s annual gala on March 6th. 

Connolly, along with Karrow and Pierce, will be honored at the Red Mill Museum Village’s annual Gala benefit on March 6 at Hawk Pointe Golf Club. Tickets are $95 for museum members and $115 for non-members, and are available on the museum’s website, For more information, please call Tim Betz, Curator of Public Programs at 908-735-4101, extension 102.