Going in we had no idea what this show was about and having done no research we actually thought it was a play. To our fantastic surprise this was a one man comedy show.

From the get go you are laughing.  Brad Zimmerman has cut his teeth in plenty of open mikes and then comedy clubs across the country.  You may have also seen him in the sopranos. He is a well seasoned professional that has great stage presence and confidence.

Taking you through his professional career as a struggling actor turned comedian in New York Brad reflects on how his Jewish mother reacted at different points of his career.  Too Funny.

The show runs just over an hour and a half, the theatre doesn’t have a bad seat and the staff is always pleasant.

To give you an idea at how the audience reacted, almost everyone in the building waited in line to simply shake his hand and say well done when he was finished.

We can highly recommend for those who want to chuckle. Well done.


Brad Zimmerman is a very unique and original voice in the world of comedy. Watch a few minutes of his comedy and you will know you have never seen anything like Brad. He works all over the country, doing theatres, comedy clubs, casino’s, country clubs, comedy festivals, JCC’s. I mean, you name it, he’s done it. He has worked with many well known comedians and entertainers such as Brad Garrett, Dennis Miller, Susie Essman, Julio Inglesias, and has been Joan Rivers’ opening act of choice for over 7 years. In fact Joan has said “I’ve had 3 great opening acts in my lifetime: Billy Crystal, Garry Shandling, and Brad Zimmerman.” In the year 2006, Brad had the great honor of opening for George Carlin, and that relationship lasted until George passed away in 2008. The first time Brad opened for George, at the Paramount Theatre, just outside Chicago, right after finishing his act, George approached Brad backstage, and said, as only George could have said, “f**kin great!”
  Brad combines years of acting training and standup, which is evident in Brad’s true pride and joy; his one man show. It is called MY SON THE WAITER, A JEWISH TRAGEDY, and he has been working on it since 2005. In this part standup/part theatrical piece Brad tells a story of one man’s lengthy, and we do mean lengthy struggle to make it as an actor in New York. His send-ups on his childhood, his family, his misbegotten love life, and his career are as warm and poignant as they are hysterical. He has done the show all over the country, and will be doing it in New York this coming fall. His hopes are that this first New York experience will lead to a long New York run at some hip off Broadway Theatre. In addition to this show, Brad has done work in both television and film, most notably playing Johnny Sack’s lawyer in one of the best television shows of all time: THE SOPRANOS.