Let’s face it, sometimes we overindulge at during the winter  chill when we are forced inside to hibernate like a bear, have you ever seen a skinny bear?? … and put a few pound on the mid zone and now that the spring it about to show us its smiling face it’s time to shed the extra baggage before you try and get into that Bikini or Golf Short.


There are many different options in Hunterdon how to do this  and we introduce you to old school fitness, located near the post office in Lebanon boro . We came upon this special spot via recommendation of Dino at the Towne Restaurant in Clinton who told us that he had shed tons of weight doing the program and actually was having fun doing it, not something that happens all the time as most of us know. Exercise can be drudgery but not hear at Old School, the people actually have fun.  Dino was so impressed that he teamed up with owner Anthony Albanese and added a healthy special every day to his menu down in Clinton and people have been loving it.


The Key to this gym is Anthony himself.  The guy is a bundle of positive energy. The HC NEWS took a trip to Old School and did the hour workout on a Saturday morning and completely enjoyed it. Anthony has you do many different kinds of exercises so you don’t get bored and we did them in intervals of 30 seconds, 45 seconds, not long enough to beat you to death but long enough to get the heart rate going and the muscles stretched. You do a little kick boxing, you do a bit of agility work, you grab a partner and do some duo exercises.  The time flew by and apparently so did the pounds.

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I talked to four to five people who had been in the program for a few months and the results were incredible. You can watch things on TV and they boast about results and you need to give them a raised brow most of the time, but these people, my neighbors, I actually knew quite a few people in the class, had transformed themselves and one after another they told me of how much better they felt and how much better their outlook on life was. And the numbers, we are talking forty pounds lost in three months, and you have fun doing it.


If you are looking for a positive way to lose weight and you join a regular gym and drop out after two weeks you are foolish. Give Anthony a call you will not regret it.



Anthony Albanese

Owner, Training Director
Anthony has been studying martial arts, fitness and sports nutrition for most of his life.  He is a 5th degree black belt in Vadha Kempo karate.  He is also one of a select few to have a black belt from two of the greatest martial artists who have ever lived: Joe Lewis and Bill “Super Foot” Wallace.  Through years of training with world class martial artists, as well as preparing himself for tournaments, Anthony learned how to maximize his nutrition and exercise program to drop weight, burn fat and build muscle.

He has combined the best training methodologies from the world class martial artists he has had the honor to train with to create “Old School Fitness.”  What Anthony learned and passes down to his clients is a very specific nutritional regimen with an exacting fitness component that work hand in hand.

His clients are truly getting extraordinary results.

Sarah Kaufman, Trainer

I’m from Clinton Township and have been teaching group fitness since my sophomore year in college. I have a group fitness certification through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).  I am a graduate of East Stroudsburg University where I studied Health & Physical Education. I now teach HPE in the Bethlehem Township School District. I love teaching about how important it is to keep healthy through exercise and proper nutrition. Having fun, joking around and blasting music are my favorite ways to distract us from how tired our muscles are. My favorite class to teach here at OSFT is Full Body 15 focusing on lower body. 

Chris Gregory, Trainer

I’m from East Brunswick, NJ.  I have a first degree Bill Wallace black belt and a second degree Vadha Kempo black belt.  I graduated from Rutgers University.  I have worked at various facilities in NJ as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for 4 years.  I have trained clients as young as 3 years old.  My favorite class to teach here at OSFT is the Wednesday cardio kickboxing.