Rita (Moneypenny) Price

On Thursday, February 9, 2017, Rita (Moneypenny) Price, 71, of Califon, NJ, (and Easton PA) was freed from her earthly shackles, to join her beloved husband in heaven. 51 years ago she married, Walter Joseph Price, of Plainfield, NJ, a handsome musician, from the other side of town. He preceded her in death just 10 months earlier.


A devoted mother, she left her secretarial job to raise three girls, Rita (Dan O’Grady), Andrea (Billy Johnson), and Lindsey (Ron Pantuso) to be a strong independent women.


Ever the take charge kind of woman, when her husband was temporarily out of work, Rita cleaned houses to make ends meet. Soon her cleaning services were widely sought-after because of her dedication, attention to detail, and trustworthy nature. For a number of years she worked for the St. John Neumann’s church in Califon as a secretary, and she also was a great comfort to those who called, or visited the office.  It was known that she would run the occasional errand for someone in need, or lend an ear to a grieving parishioner. For years, Rita was in charge of the church’s volunteer housekeeping, organizing weekly duties as well as rolling up her sleeves & cleaning with the other volunteers.


Rita adored her grandchildren. She helped her daughter, (also named Rita,) raise grandson Tyler Loftus who was like the son she never had.  She often loved to babysit her younger grandchildren Zoe, Jarett, Liam, Daniel, Nathan, Matthew and Brooke.


She will be remembered by her daughters as being a pillar of strength, and very diplomatic when giving relationship advice. She was always there to lend an ear and somehow she always knew the right things to say. Her daughters grew up in a house of love and peace.  They didn’t have much material-wise, but their lives were rich beyond believe. Her modest house was always clean and tidy, and one would always smell something good cooking on the stove, making it a favorite place for friends and neighbors to gather.


Alzheimer’s stole her golden years. When she should have been enjoying trips to Florida with her husband, she was unable to travel.  The disease progressed quickly and had robbed her of her cherished memories. Her husband who was ever devoted, took care of her until he was too ill to continue. For the last 10 months since her husband’s demise, Rita has been in a nursing home and frequently found comfort from her daughters and Heartland Hospice.


Rita was predeceased by her parents Margaret Hiltz and Walter Moneypenny and brothers John and Walter, and sisters Margaret Gilzow and Anne Chapman.  She is survived by her daughters: Rita O’Grady, Andrea Price-Johnson, Lindsey Pantuso, her grandchildren, Tyler, Zoe, Jarett, Liam, Daniel, Nathan, Mathew, Brooke, and siblings: Mary Bock, Helen Moran, Phyllis Perrine, Susan Beasley, and many nieces and nephews.


Services will be held at St. John Neumann’s church 398 Route 513, Califon, NJ 07830, on Saturday, February 18 at 10:30 AM.


We are comforted knowing that Rita Price knows who SHE is once again, and she is in heaven dancing with her husband Walter.


In Lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to Heartland Hospice whose care was a blessing and www.fight4autism.org, a charity that has done so much for her eldest grandchild.