Route 12 Fuel System will be down for maintenance upgrade beginning Tuesday, April 14th , 2015 until Thursday, April 16th , 2015.

All Departments & outside Agencies using Fuel at Route 12 County Complex:


The Route 12 Fuel System will be down for maintenance upgrade beginning Tuesday, April 14, 2015 until Thursday, April 16, 2015.


Once the Maintenance Upgrade is complete New Gas Fobs and ID cards will be used at the site.


This new system is presently running at the Mt. Airy and Everittstown locations.


Fobs and cards will be distributed on Tuesday, April 14th to all County Departments.


It is suggested that all vehicles be filled/topped off Monday April 13, still using the black fuel keys. After Wednesday evening the black fuel keys will no longer function.


Robert M. Silva, Supervisor of Garage Services

Hunterdon County Vehicle Services Division