Simon & Caliguire Demand Retraction

An negative attack mailer paid for by “Zwicker Freiman Poppe for LD16” blatantly lies about Somerset County Freeholder Mark Caliguire’s tax record as a Montgomery Township Committeeman and Mayor from 2003 to 2011.


“It appears that liberal elitist and self-proclaimed smartest guy in the legislature, Andrew Zwicker, has trouble with elementary school-level multiplication and division, and has a tough time reading, as well,” said Anthony Ranucci, the Republican Team’s Campaign Manager.


“The Democrats completely false attack on my record in Montgomery is disgraceful, and they should publicly admit their error, apologize and retract their claims,” added Caliguire.  “If they refuse, we will seek a legal remedy to stop them.”

The Zwicker, Freiman, Poppe Mailer (attached) states, referring to Caliguire, that:

“…under his watch as Mayor of Montgomery, property taxes skyrocketed by 41%.”


The mailer then goes on to falsely claim that “Montgomery Township records all document the tax-raising of…Caliguire.”


As the spreadsheet below, and attached budget documents from Montgomery Township, prove the municipal property tax levy during Caliguire’s two years as Mayor increased by less than 1%, and he did not support the combined 33% increase for the 2007 and 2008 budgets.

The Democrats mailer also attacks Caliguire’s running mate, Donna Simon, alleging she has a “long history of raising taxes” when the fact of the matter is she held taxes flat as a Readington Township Committeewoman, and NEVER raised taxes as a State Assemblywoman.


During her time in the General Assembly, Donna Simon received several awards for her record on taxes including the “Taxpayer Hero” and “Defender of the Taxpayer” from leading statewide taxpayer advocate associations.


“While Andrew Zwicker likes to talk about making decisions based on ‘facts and evidence’ it’s clear in this case that his decisions are being driven purely by politics and his fear of losing his seat on Election Day,” said Simon.  “Think about it: He attacked me for raising taxes because I voted against raising taxes.  He should be ashamed of his blatant lies in this mailer.”