Solberg Flight Instructor Lands in Readington Middle School Classroom

Pilots study thrust, drag, lift, and gravity, but so do students in Readington Middle School’s Innovation and Design class. As they design, test, and race model dragsters, they wonder how the four forces of flight affect race car design.  Solberg Airport flight instructor Catherine Scaturo visited Ryan Newcamp’s eighth grade students in April to talk about the aerodynamics of flight and how they are applicable to cars.


Comparing various race car models built by the students, Ms. Scaturo described how the design of each car would be affected by the four forces.  While one car had a very aerodynamic shape, its mass would make it slower than another car with a much lower mass.  Showing pictures of Formula 1 race cars, she and Supervisor of Math, Science, and Technology, Erik Yates, described how wings were used on the cars to force them down onto the racetrack.


Ms. Scaturo also spoke about careers in aviation and answered questions about how to become a pilot.  “Making connections with what is being learned in class and the real world is so important,” said Mr. Yates, “and Ms. Scaturo enthusiastically shared the excitement of applying science to solving engineering and design problems.”