Sparkle week starts in Lambertville

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Lambertville will hold its much-anticipated and celebrated annual Sparkle Week over the course of the first and second weeks of May, allowing residents to “upcycle” their no-longer-wanted household items.

As usual, Sparkle Week pick-up dates correspond with a household’s regularly scheduled weekly trash and recycling day:

  • Residents whose garbage pick-up day is Tuesday or Wednesday may put items out to the curb by Monday, May 9, for pick up on May 10 or 11.

  • Residents whose garbage pick-up is Thursday or Friday may put items out to the curb by Wednesday, May 18, for pick up on May 19 or 20.

Once the Public Works Department has made a pick-up, they will not double-back, so please do not place additional items to the curb once all other materials have been collected.