The Lips, The Teeth, The Tip of the Day…

KIDS NIGHT ON BROADWAY.… a child under 18 gets to see a Broadway show for FREE when an adult purchases a ticket. WHAT A DEAL!

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Since our founding in 1985, Adoptions From The Heart has built over 6,000 amazing families through adoption, international surrogacy, and third-party reproduction. From our Allentown, PA office, we offer many adoption-related services for prospective adoptive parents, pregnant women, and their children.

Come join our Spotlight Cabaret performers sing their dream role songs while raising money and awareness for Adoptions from the Heart.

Featured singers:

Brittany Baumeister
Andrea Cartagena
Bekah Eichelberger
David Erb
Matt Hoffmann
Brady Love

Accompanied by: Mark Saylor

Thursday, October 12, 2017
8PM (Doors open at 7:30PM)
Allentown Brew Works, 2nd Floor


Stars of the Day…

Dirk ‘Captain’ Leisher
2017 Gala Honoree

“Captain” Dirk has been with us since Gypsy and has built every set since. He is this year’s Gala honoree. Ever wonder why we call him Captain? In our Gypsy playbill, “Dirk” autocorrected to “Kirk,” and we started calling him Captain after Kirk from Star Trek. The nickname stuck.
How did you get started with Star of the Day?
My daughter Reilly was in Gypsy.  Kirsten sent out a request for help building the set.

What is your favorite show to build?
To narrow it down to just one is going to be very hard. I have 2 favorites. The first one was Beauty and the Beast which was performed by Northwestern Lehigh Middle School. The second was Les Misérables School Edition which was performed by Star for the Day.

How did you get started building sets?
Twelve years ago, when my son was in 5th grade at Northwestern Lehigh Middle School, my wife was interested in helping with the drama program. What she found out was that they did not have anyone to direct the spring production. They asked if she would be interested.  It has been a family affair ever since.

When not at the theatre what do you enjoy doing?
I enjoy playing golf.

Are you the real-life Bob the Builder?
I would like to think I am getting there. When I first started building sets it was not pretty. If set pieces were straight or level, I promise you it was by accident. But I like to think that I learn something new with every production.  Will I ever be Bob the Builder? Probably not but hopefully I will continue to learn new ways to build sets.

Meet Mikayla Fuentes!
Mikayla is one of our junior performers who first came to us inLes Misérables School Editionwhen she played Jean Valjean. She has also appeared as Bisset in Jekyll and Hyde and Asaka in Once On This Island Jr. and is a Junior Diva. She is a junior at Quakertown High School.
How did you hear about Star of the Day?
A friend of the family mentioned that they worked with the company! We looked them up, went to see their production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and decided to try out for their next show.

What’s your greatest memory of Star of the Day?
Being on stage and seeing my dad out in the audience after a kidney failure scare. He had just been released from the hospital that afternoon and dragged himself to see the show!

What’s your dream role?
Eva Perón from Evita.

What are your future plans?
I would like to teach English at a secondary level and run the school’s theater department.

What does theatre mean to you?
Theatre means love. Love for art, love for others. It reminds us how to love life and people through every means.

If you could do anything without fear of failure what would you do?
I would march to Congress and tell the dear people to get off their butts and make some decisions that matter.